Like all real life stories, this one starts in the middle.

I have been interested in the field of teledildonics for well over a decade now. For the uninitiated, this is the technology used for sex at a distance, or even potentially entirely artificial sex with your computer.

My interest developed in a round-about way. You see, I think that haptic technology (any technology to do with the sense of touch) has a lot to offer humanity, but as with anything, no one will fund the research unless it’s sexy. How better to make something sexy than to literally add sex?

I’ve been a passive observer of the field for a while now. I admire qDot (of metafetish fame) a lot, he is something of a celebrity in the Teledildonics world having built the original “sex box” out of an XBox contoller back in 2005 and then actually worked towards it including a stint at Linden Labs.

So, why am I posting all this? Well, I am on the cusp of genius / disaster with my own little teledildonics project. I’ve decided to actually start making something. This series of posts is going to chronicle my own experiences / mistakes in this area. I hope this is of interest to you and that maybe you can learn from my misadventures.

My plan

A lot of teledildonics devices focus on stimulation. That is: how do we vibrate or move or whatever to make the user feel like they’re having a more realistic sexual experience? I am actually ignoring that altogether and want to focus just on sensing.

The reason for this is I can imagine a situation where someone is playing a game or viewing some interactive content where they are using some kind of device (e.g. a dildo or a masturbator) and the content responds to how they use the device. I think that the player would be quite willing to stimulate themselves if given the right feedback. Just look at the game Imagine if that game actually knew what you were up to? I think it could lead to a far more immersive experience. I guess therefore that I’m not too focused on the “tele” part of the challenge and more the “dildonics”.

Anyway, welcome to this little experiment. I will post irregularly, but with enthusiasm. So kind of like sex, I suppose.

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